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Filling In The Natual Gas Gaps

This map shows populations of North Dakota communities with and without natural gas, as well as the natural gas pipeline network.

What's in this folder?

This is the raw data used to make the map in the Inside Energy story Filling In The Natural Gas Gaps.

  • nd_places_1000_greater: names, locations and populations of all communities in North Dakota with a population of 1,000 or more that do not have natural gas service. Communities with fewer than 1,000 residents were eliminated because many have dozens or only a few hundred residents, and are less likely to be feasible options for extending natural gas service.
  • nd_small_nat_gas_communities: names, locations and populations of all communities in North Dakota with natural gas service

Where does this data come from?

  • Cities listed in "nd_places_1000_greater" and "nd_small_nat_gas_communities": North Dakota Public Service Commission -- The PSC maintains a list of cities with and without natural gas service, which were verified by looking at MDU and Xcel Energy's websites.
  • Populations listed in "nd_places_1000_greater" and "nd_small_nat_gas_communities": U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 5-year survey data, total population; American Fact Finder
  • Pipeline network: Energy Information Administration -- Find on page "Natural Gas Interstate and Intrastate Pipelines" and click on "Shapefile" to download data.

How did we make the map?

We used carto.com to build the map.