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A PHP script to setup and update your Prebid Line Items in DFP
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DFP Prebid LineItems Setup Tool

Automatically setup and update your Line Items on DFP for Prebid.js

DFP Setup Tool for Prebid

An automated DFP line item generator for Prebid.js


When setting up Prebid, your ad ops team often has to create hundreds of line items in DFP.

This tool automates setup for new header bidding partners. You define the advertiser, placements, and Prebid settings; then, it creates an order with one line item per price level, attaches creatives, and sets placement and Prebid key-value targeting.

While this tool covers typical use cases, it might not fit your needs. Check out the limitations before you dive in.

Getting Started

Creating Google Credentials

You will need credentials to access your DFP account programmatically. This summarizes steps from DFP docs and the DFP PHP library auth guide.

  1. If you haven't yet, sign up for a DFP account.
  2. Create Google developer credentials
    • Go to the Google Developers Console Credentials page.
    • On the Credentials page, select Create credentials, then select Service account key.
    • Select New service account, and select JSON key type. You can leave the role blank.
    • Click Create to download a file containing a .json private key.
  3. Enable API access to DFP
    • Sign into your DFP account. You must have admin rights.
    • In the Admin section, select Global settings
    • Ensure that API access is enabled.
    • Click the Add a service account user button.
      • Use the service account email for the Google developer credentials you created above.
      • Set the role to "Trafficker".
      • Click Save.

Setting Up

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Include the library via Composer: `$ composer require googleads/googleads-php-lib
  3. Rename key
    • Rename the Google credentials key you previously downloaded ([something].json) to googleServiceAccount.json and move it to the project root folder
  4. Make a copy of adsapi_php.ini and save it into the project root folder.
  5. In adsapi_php.ini, set the required fields:
    • application_name is the name of the application you used to get your Google developer credentials
    • network_code is your DFP network number; e.g., for, the network code is 12398712.
    • jsonKeyFilePathis the path to your JSON key file
    • scopes is ""
    • impersonatedEmail is the email account of the user you want to impersonate as, if any (something like

Verifying Setup

Let's try it out! From the top level directory, run

php script/tests/ConnexionTest.php

and you should whether the connexion is OK or not

Creating Line Items

Modify the settings in /script/hb/HeaderBiddingCreation.php

  • SSP must be an array of ssp you want to create - please enter here the bidder code defined in prebid documentation

  • Price Granularity are standards, defined on You can also define a custom granularity by passing an array of buckets in the following format

        'priceGranularity' => [ 
            'buckets' => [
                ['min' => 0, 'max' => 5, 'increment' => 0.05, 'precision' => 2 /* optional */],
                ['min' => 5, 'max' => 10, 'increment' => 0.1, 'precision' => 2 /* optional */],
                ['min' => 10, 'max' => 20, 'increment' => 0.5, 'precision' => 2 /* optional */],
  • Currency is the AdServer Currency (USD, EUR...)

  • Sizes: please enter all sizes allowed on your inventory

Then, from the root of the repository, run:

php script/hb/HeaderBiddingCreation.php

You should be all set! Review your order, line items, and creatives to make sure they are correct. Then, approve the order in DFP.

Note: DFP might show a "Needs creatives" warning on the order for ~15 minutes after order creation. Typically, the warning is incorrect and will disappear on its own.


  • This tool does not support additional line item targeting beyond placement, hb_bidder, and hb_pb values. Placement targeting is currently required, and targeting by ad unit isn't supported
  • This tool does not modify existing orders or line items, it only creates them. If you need to make a change to an order, it's easiest to archive the existing order and recreate it. However, once orders are created, you can easily update them (change Price Granularity, change Available Sizes)
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