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[Description of the issue]

Steps to Reproduce

  1. [First Step]
  2. [Second Step]
  3. [and so on...]

[Provide a minimal, complete, compilable, and verifiable example (commonly abbreviated as MWE, minimal working example) or code snippet, either through a GitHub gist or providing your own files (including your source code, CMakeLists.txt file and your data) reproducing the issue or clearly showing where your concern lies.

Expected behavior

[What you expect to happen]

Actual behavior

[What actually happens]


[What percentage of the time does it reproduce?]


[If a tagged version, you can get this information by inspecting the ITK_VERSION_MAJOR ITK_VERSION_MINOR and ITK_VERSION_PATCH variable values in the ITKConfig.cmake file]

[If the commit number is required, run $ git rev-parse --short HEAD]


[Which your OS and compiler are]

Additional Information

[Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.]

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