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This is a reminder of what a message in a pull request should minimally require. Please, read the guidelines below, and delete them so your pull request description only contains the intended message.

See the CONTRIBUTING guide. Specifically:

Start ITK commit messages with a standard prefix (and a space):

  • BUG: fix for runtime crash or incorrect result
  • COMP: compiler error or warning fix
  • DOC: documentation change
  • ENH: new functionality
  • PERF: performance improvement
  • STYLE: no logic impact (indentation, comments)
  • WIP: Work In Progress not ready for merge

Provide a short, meaningful message that describes the change you made.

When the PR is based on a single commit, the commit message is usually left as the PR message.

A reference to a related issue or pull request in your repository. You can automatically close a related issues using keywords

@mentions of the person or team responsible for reviewing proposed changes.

Thanks for contributing to ITK!