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ENH: Add frequency iterators and band pass filter.

Initially developed for ITKIsotropicWavelets module [1].
The associated Insight Journal article contains a descriptions of these
iterators [2].
The frequency iterators are ImageIterators with GetFrequency and
GetFrequencyBins methods to abstract and ease development of filters in
the frequency domain.

Images in the frequency domain have layouts that depend on the
algorithm that generates them, for example after a FFT, the zero
frequency is at origin, max positive frequency is at index size/2 - 1.
The min negative frequencies is size/2, and the least negative
frequency is at index: size - 1.
This layout change slightly if image is even or odd in size.
(Nyquist bands appear).

The best example is
that contains the layout after applying the standard
Fast Fourier Transform to an image.
Also the Shifted version, that cover the common case
of shifting the zero frequency to the center of the image.

These iterators try to abstract this complexity from the developer, for
them to only manipulate frequency values. The best example is the
FrequencyBandFilter, that acts as BandPass or BandStop filter given two
boundary frequencies.

The base classes of this hierarchy of iterators handle
the case where images are taken
in frequency space (scattering experiments for example),
and they are just regular ImageIterator with the GetFrequency

Note: The frequency iterator for hermitian images is not included
(FFT of real images can be chopped by half because they contain
redundant information)

Also at the time of developing I triggered this question in the
mail-list about the lack of meaning of image metadata after performing
a FFT: [3]


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  1. +6 −0 Modules/Filtering/FFT/include/itkForwardFFTImageFilter.h
  2. +2 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/CMakeLists.txt
  3. +221 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyBandImageFilter.h
  4. +232 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyBandImageFilter.hxx
  5. +290 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex.h
  6. +138 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.h
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  8. +138 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.h
  9. +263 −0 .../Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyShiftedFFTLayoutImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex.h
  10. +138 −0 Modules/Filtering/ImageFrequency/include/itkFrequencyShiftedFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.h
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  17. +1 −0 ...ltering/ImageFrequency/wrapping/itkFrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex.notwrapped
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  21. +1 −0 .../ImageFrequency/wrapping/itkFrequencyShiftedFFTLayoutImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex.notwrapped
  22. +1 −0 ...ering/ImageFrequency/wrapping/itkFrequencyShiftedFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.notwrapped
@@ -41,6 +41,12 @@ namespace itk
* This filter works only for real single-component input image types.
* The output generated from a ForwardFFTImageFilter is in the
* dual space or frequency domain.
* Refer to \ref FrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionConstIteratorWithIndex
* for a description of the layout of frequencies generated after a forward FFT.
* Also see \ref ITKImageFrequency for a set of filters requiring input images in the frequency domain.
* \ingroup FourierTransform
* \sa InverseFFTImageFilter, FFTComplexToComplexImageFilter
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,221 @@
* Copyright Insight Software Consortium
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef itkFrequencyBandImageFilter_h
#define itkFrequencyBandImageFilter_h

#include <itkInPlaceImageFilter.h>
#include <itkFrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.h>

namespace itk
/** \class FrequencyBandImageFilter
* \brief Performs a frequency band filter in the range LowFrequencyThreshold and
* HighFrequencyThreshold in an input image in the frequency domain.
* The default is a pass band between threshold frequencies [0,0.5] Hz or [0, pi] radians,
* where both boundary values also pass (equivalent to SetPassBand(true,true)).
* A pass band sets to zero any value outside the defined range, and let pass without modification the input image inside the band.
* Instead, a stop band can be set between the threshold values.
* In this case, the delimited band acts as a stop band, setting values to zero in this range,
* and does not modify input image values outside this range.
* Set a stop band using SetPassBand(false), but it is clearer to use
* SetStopBand(bool, bool) that also control behaviour at band boundaries.
* The boundaries of the bands are controlled with
* SetPassLow(High)FrequencyThreshold(bool). The default is to let pass low and high boundaries.
* Also, SetPassBand(true, false), will let pass low boundary/threshold, and stop the high value.
* Filters in the module ITKImageFrequency work with input images in the frequency domain.
* This filter is templated over a TFrequencyIterator depending on the
* frequency layout of the input image.
* Images in the dual space can be acquired experimentally, from scattering exaperiments or other techniques.
* The layout of these images is the same as spatial domain images. Use \ref FrequencyImageRegionIteratorWithIndex
* Frequency-domain images can be computed from any spatial-domain applying a Fourier Transform \ref ForwardFFTImageFilter.
* Use \ref FrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.
* Please note that \ref FrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex requires a full FFT,
* and is not compatible with the hermitian optimization.
* If the output of the FFT is shifted, for example after applying \ref FFTShiftImageFilter,
* use \ref FrequencyFFTShiftedLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex.
* \ingroup ITKImageFrequency
template< typename TImageType,
typename TFrequencyIterator = FrequencyFFTLayoutImageRegionIteratorWithIndex<TImageType> >
class FrequencyBandImageFilter:
public InPlaceImageFilter<TImageType, TImageType>

/** Standard class type alias. */
using Self = FrequencyBandImageFilter;
using Superclass = InPlaceImageFilter<TImageType, TImageType>;
using Pointer = SmartPointer<Self>;
using ConstPointer = SmartPointer<const Self>;

/** Method for creation through the object factory. */

/** Run-time type information (and related methods). */
itkTypeMacro(FrequencyBandImageFilter, InPlaceImageFilter);

/** Typedef to images */
using ImageType = TImageType;
using ImagePointer = typename ImageType::Pointer;
using ImageConstPointer = typename ImageType::ConstPointer;
using IndexType = typename TImageType::IndexType;
using PixelType = typename TImageType::PixelType;

/** Typedef to describe the image region type. */
using ImageRegionType = typename TImageType::RegionType;

static constexpr unsigned int ImageDimension = TImageType::ImageDimension;

/** Begin concept checking */
itkConceptMacro( ImageTypeHasNumericTraitsCheck,
( Concept::HasNumericTraits< typename TImageType::PixelType > ) );
/** End concept checking */

/** Frequency Iterator types */
using FrequencyIteratorType = TFrequencyIterator;
using FrequencyValueType = typename FrequencyIteratorType::FrequencyValueType;

/****** Frequency Threshold Getters/Setters *****/
/** Band range: Low threshold/boundary in Hertz */
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(LowFrequencyThreshold, FrequencyValueType);
itkSetMacro(LowFrequencyThreshold, FrequencyValueType);
* Set low frequency threshold when input frequency is in radians.
* @param freqLowInRadians low freq in radians.
void SetLowFrequencyThresholdInRadians(const FrequencyValueType& freqLowInRadians);

/** Band range: High threshold/boundary in Hertz */
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(HighFrequencyThreshold, FrequencyValueType);
itkSetMacro(HighFrequencyThreshold, FrequencyValueType);
void SetHighFrequencyThresholdInRadians(const FrequencyValueType& freqHighInRadians);

* Set LowFrequencyThreshold and HighFrequencyThreshold at the same time,
* input frequencies in Hertz.
* @param freqLow in hertz.
* @param freqHigh in hertz.
void SetFrequencyThresholds( const FrequencyValueType& freqLow,
const FrequencyValueType& freqHigh);

* Set LowFrequencyThreshold and HighFrequencyThreshold at the same time,
* input frequencies in Radians. 1Hz = (1/2pi) rad
* @param freqLowInRadians low freq in radians.
* @param freqHighInRadians high freq in radians.
void SetFrequencyThresholdsInRadians( const FrequencyValueType& freqLowInRadians,
const FrequencyValueType& freqHighInRadians);

/** The pixel values that correspond to m_LowFrequencyThreshold are passed to the output image,
* independent of m_PassBand */
itkSetMacro( PassLowFrequencyThreshold, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(PassLowFrequencyThreshold, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( PassLowFrequencyThreshold );

/** The pixel values that correspond to m_HighFrequencyThreshold are passed to the output image,
* independent of m_PassBand */
itkSetMacro( PassHighFrequencyThreshold, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(PassHighFrequencyThreshold, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( PassHighFrequencyThreshold );

/** True: the band is a PassBand. False: StopBand **/
itkSetMacro( PassBand, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(PassBand, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( PassBand );

* Utility method equivalent to:
* SetPassBand(true)
* SetPassLowFrequencyThreshold(pass_low_threshold)
* SetPassHighFrequencyThreshold(pass_high_threshold)
* @param pass_low_threshold flag to let pass or not low boundary
* @param pass_high_threshold flag to let pass or not high boundary
void SetPassBand(const bool pass_low_threshold, const bool pass_high_threshold);

* Utility method equivalent to:
* SetPassBand(false)
* SetPassLowFrequencyThreshold(pass_low_threshold)
* SetPassHighFrequencyThreshold(pass_high_threshold)
* @param pass_low_threshold flag to let pass or not low boundary
* @param pass_high_threshold flag to let pass or not high boundary
void SetStopBand(const bool pass_low_threshold, const bool pass_high_threshold);

/** If true the frequency cut-off uses the radius of the frequency vector. If false, it uses the max absolute value of the frequency vector. */
itkSetMacro( RadialBand, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(RadialBand, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( RadialBand );

/** Control if negative frequencies with absolute value equal to low frequency threshold are passing.
* Only effective when RadialBand is false **/
itkSetMacro( PassNegativeLowFrequencyThreshold, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(PassNegativeLowFrequencyThreshold, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( PassNegativeLowFrequencyThreshold );

/** Control if negative frequencies with absolute value equal to high frequency threshold are passing.
* Only effective when RadialBand is false **/
itkSetMacro( PassNegativeHighFrequencyThreshold, bool );
itkGetConstReferenceMacro(PassNegativeHighFrequencyThreshold, bool);
itkBooleanMacro( PassNegativeHighFrequencyThreshold );

void PrintSelf(std::ostream & os, Indent indent) const override;

/* Checks the logic of FrequencyThresholds. */
void VerifyPreconditions() override;

void DynamicThreadedGenerateData(const ImageRegionType & outputRegionForThread) override;

FrequencyValueType m_LowFrequencyThreshold;
FrequencyValueType m_HighFrequencyThreshold;

bool m_PassBand;
bool m_PassLowFrequencyThreshold;
bool m_PassHighFrequencyThreshold;
bool m_RadialBand;
bool m_PassNegativeLowFrequencyThreshold;
bool m_PassNegativeHighFrequencyThreshold;
} // end namespace itk

#include "itkFrequencyBandImageFilter.hxx"

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