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Cookbook examples for the Insight Toolkit documented with Sphinx
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ITK Examples

A set of cookbook examples for the Insight Toolkit, ITK.

Download instructions

Clone the repository using Git:

$ git clone --recursive

Build instructions

See the build instructions in the documentation.



  • Stored and editable in Git version control.
  • HTML / PDF / EPUB output.
  • CTest unit testing.
  • CMake ExternalData for binary data storage.
  • Individual examples can be downloaded independently, and easily built/executed/hacked.
  • Download the entire docs for offline viewing.
  • Inline Doxygen class descriptions and links to Doxygen class documentation.
  • Nightly generated Gitstats for contributors.
  • Software quality dashboard.
  • Index of examples that apply to given terms and classes.
  • Quick search.
  • Script to create a new examples from a template.
  • GitHub community development.
  • Selectable light/dark colorscheme.


  • Anonymous online editing.
  • Editable online with CodeMirror.
  • See Github Issues for a complete list of actions to be performed, bugs, etc.

Build dependencies



If building the documentation:

PDF generation requires a TeX distribution like TeX Live or MiKTeX.

Development setup

Run the bash script

$ ./Utilities/
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