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ITKWidgets is an elegant Python interface for visualization on the web platform to interactively generate insights into multidimensional images, point sets, and geometry.

Hello 3D World

Getting Started

Environment Setup

The EnvironmentCheck.ipynb checks the environment that you are running in to make sure that all required dependencies and extensions are correctly installed. Ideally run first before any other notebooks to prevent common issues around dependencies and extension loading.


To install for all environments:

pip install 'itkwidgets[all]>=1.0a23'

Jupyter Notebook

To install the widgets for the Jupyter Notebook with pip:

pip install 'itkwidgets[notebook]>=1.0a23'

Then look for the ImJoy icon at the top in the Jupyter Notebook:

ImJoy Icon in Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Lab

For Jupyter Lab 3 run:

pip install 'itkwidgets[lab]>=1.0a23'

Then look for the ImJoy icon at the top in the Jupyter Notebook:

ImJoy Icon in Jupyter Lab

Google Colab

For Google Colab run:

pip install 'itkwidgets>=1.0a23'

Example Notebooks

Example Notebooks can be accessed locally by cloning the repository:

git clone -b main

Then navigate into the examples directory:

cd itkwidgets/examples


In Jupyter, import the view function:

from itkwidgets import view

Then, call the view function at the end of a cell, passing in the image to examine:


For information on additional options, see the view function docstring:


See the deployments section for a more detailed overview of additional notebook options as well as other ways to run and interact with your notebooks.

Learn more

Visit the docs for more information on supported notebooks and integrations.