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+###Environment Setup Steps:
-1.[Go]( build is only for mac at the moment...easy fix though
+1.Install [Go]( for server dev.
-2.[Node.js]( and [nvm]( are used for client side builds
+2.Run the following to setup Go cross compilation (used to create linux executables on a mac).
+$ cd $(go env GOROOT)/src
+$ git clone git://
+$ source golang-crosscompile/crosscompile.bash
+$ go-crosscompile-build-all
+3.Run the following to install [nvm]( and [Node.js](
$ git clone ~/.nvm
$ source ~/.nvm/
$ nvm install 0.10.26
-3.The automated dev enviroment uses [autoenv]( so installing that is a must.
+4.The automated dev enviroment uses [autoenv]( so install it with the following commands.
$ git clone git:// ~/.autoenv
$ echo 'source ~/.autoenv/' >> ~/.profile
+5.Clone this repo to your project directory.
+$ cd path/to/your/project
+$ git clone
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