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eveIRC v6.10a1.05



dev6 - Push #5 11/5/2019

Version 6.10alpha1.0.5

Reason: Enhancement, Feature, Application

  • Created EveInstaller app, which can be found in eveIRC/bin

    • Added many files in support of this class/application
  • Adjusted version number to more reasonable number

  • Modified .gitignore

    • Removed default entries
    • Added project specific entries


dev6 - Push #4 10/23/2019

Version 6.10alpha1.04

Reason Bugfix, Enhancement, Feature

  • Moved Eve.rb

  • Updated eveService.rb (formerly Eve.rb)

    • Fixed file calls to reflect relative position changes
    • Changed 'version' to 'VERSION' making it a global variable. (for later ease in dev)
  • Dependencies Added:

    • Gems
      • Development Group:
        • Solargraph
          • Reason: Great Ruby Language Server for Code and other IDEs.
        • Rubocop
          • Reason: Make sure we have good, clean, conventional code
      • Non-dev gem dependencies:
  • Updated GEMFILE

    • Added gem dependencies to GEMFILE
  • Modified directory stucture:

    • ADDED:
  • Modified VERSION file:

    • Version bump from 6.8(badly tracked, inaccurate) to 6.10rc1.01 (or "the first revision of the first release candidate for 6 dot 10")
  • v6.10 Planned patch notes:

    • Eve 6.10 is going to be an interesting "minor" version bump due to the massive amount of refactoring that will have (and already has) occur(ed) to it's code.

    See the wiki for more information regarding the usage features of the result of these changes.

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EveIRC v6.9(rc1.1)

  • Changes since initial RC version:

    • Release v6.9(rc1.1)

      • Other:
        • Modified
          • Fixed typo
          • Added notes for RC version bump
          • Reformatted for readability
        • Modified utilities.rb:
          • Removed un-needed require line
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EveIRC v6.9(rc1.0)



EveIRC Patch Notes

The following notes (should) will be updated with every new patch of Eve, going into and including eveSeven

Why Patch Notes? We already have a CHANGELOG!?

There will (read: should) be a difference in the way developers log changes in and

  • Detailed notes about every change, including commit IDs and information that can be off-putting to users who don't look at code all the time
  • is being deprecated in favor of a new version change tracking system

  • If a new feature is added upon use of a new patch will have - or at least have links to - documentation for that feature. No more searching code to find out what that new plugin does!

  • If your EveIRC installation will need special care after installing the patch this will be detailed in as well!

  • will contain important information about how to configure new features that the patch installs

  • will not be updated for Alpha (ie v6.5a0.1) or Beta (ie v6.5b2.1) release versions. Although, these versions might include a file with a similar use:

  • Each release's patch will have it's own which has a scope that contains only the changes introduced between the last public version release and the commit containing the patchnotes.

    Old files will be moved into a new (as of this PATCHNOTES writing) directory: EveIRC/patch_history and will be named after the two versions between which changes it covers.

  • will contain notes from the developer to the user upgrading an existing version of EveIRC. This will become a feature of great importance when (if) eveSeven is released.

  • will always contain specific instructions for performing/installing that particular patch by the developer. No more guess work.

  • will provide an indication of the developer's assessment of the urgency of installing this patch. Here's an overview of the urgency levels:

    • CRITICAL: A patch marked with this tag usually contains fixes for security exploits or critical level bugfixes that restore core functionality to most/all copies.
    • IMPORTANT: A patch marked with this tag shouldn't be skipped but if it is the consequences shouldn't be too dire. A patch will be marked with this tag any time the core system, admin system, or configuration workflow/system are modified.
    • NEGLIGIBLE: A patch marked with this tag will contain simple changes to EveIRC plugins, documentation, or help information. Can be ignored with no loss of application stability.
    • FEATURE: (This tag may be used in conjunction with others) A patch tagged with this label has one or more features (bits of usable functionality) that was not in the previous release. If this tag is used alone, that patch was only pushed to release the feature (though some negligible bugfixes might be contained)

PATCHNOTES 6.8.0 -> 6.9 [FEATURE] 08/02/19 (rc date)

Bugfixes (Negligible)

  • Made changes to Gemfile
    • Removed Ruby version restriction. Let us know if you are running older versions of Ruby and run into problems!
      • NOTE - It is IMPORTANT that you use Ruby 2.5.5 or greater for EveIRC. We will not support this, but it helps to know where a hard line may be.
    • Rearranged gem lines into alphabetical order


  • Added utilities plugin with one function thus far; converting temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit


  • If you installed EveIRC using bundle install and chose the option where all plugins are installed for you, you don't have to take further action; the plugin should already be installed when you update from Github

  • If you chose the "picky install" then after pulling the new release from Github, find the folder EveIRC is actually run from. In the following example my EveIRC git folder is ~/Documents/src/EveIRC and I'm running the bot from ~/Documents/src/eveInstalled

    • Firstly you'll want to copy the actual plugin file from the EveIRC github folder:
    taylor@laptop:~$ cd Documents/src
    taylor@laptop:~/Documents/src$ cp EveIRC/lib/plugins/utilities.rb eveInstalled/lib/plugins/utilities.rb
    • Next you'll want to edit Eve.rb in the folder you run EveIRC from:
    taylor@laptop:~/Documents/src$ nano eveInstalled/Eve.rb

    You'll see a list of plugins, yours might be slightly different:

    c.plugins.plugins = [Cinch::Plugins::BotInfo,
                             # ...
                             # plugin list continues...
                             # ...

    Just add the new Utilities plugin in the list. If you insert it at the end of the list do not forget to add a coma after the preceding plugin initialization. Like so:

    c.plugins.plugins = [Cinch::Plugins::BotInfo,
                                 # ...
                                 # plugin list continues...
                                 # ...
                                 Cinch::Plugins::NameGenerator, # Note new comma
                                 Cinch::Plugins::Utilities] # Add plugin, don't forget closing brace!

    If you are using nano, Ctrl+x will exit the file. It will ask if you want to save. Hit 'y' and 'enter' when it asks you if you want to save it with that filename.

    • The final step is to add utilities.rb to the file load list:
    taylor@laptop:~/Documents/src$ nano bin/plugins.rb

    You will see a list of files that looks similar to this:

    require_relative "../lib/plugins/weather"
    #require_relative "../lib/plugins/google"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/you_tube"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/news"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/wolfram"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/reddit"

    Just go ahead and add the file like so:

    require_relative "../lib/plugins/weather"
    #require_relative "../lib/plugins/google"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/you_tube"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/news"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/wolfram"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/reddit"
    require_relative "../lib/plugins/utilities" # Note the new plugin!
    • Save, run ruby Eve.rb in the folder you usually do, and profit!


Example Usage

 <dave> !temp-to-f -40
 <Eve> -40°F
 <dave> !temp-to-c -40
 <Eve> -40°C
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Streamlined some code, fixed weather plugin

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Release v6.8.rc.1.1


This release fixes invalid version read.

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eveIRC v6.6.6(stable)

  • Added Band Name Generator so you and your friends can have fun with making band names. Who can get Eve to give you the coolest?

  • Various bugfixes

  • Added issue templates to github so that individuals may more easily contribute feedback.

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(Minor Patch Version)

The following fixes/changes were implemented:

  • Fixed Seen plugin so that it responds when queried
  • Fixed Seen plugin to detect if user is asking seen data on themselves or of the bot
  • Incremented Eve version from 6.5.9 to
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Not much has changed in this release since the last one. We did add Fun and FactCore to the list of default loaded plugins and fixed a few bugs that were causing these plugins to be held back.

  • Fixed improper trigger setting in fact_core.rb
  • Fixed code issues in fun.rb
  • Bumped version number to 6.5.9
  • Added FactCore and Fun plugins to list of plugins to load on start.
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eveBot(v6.5.8) Details

  • First live version of Eve that has dependency install included!
  • New plugins!
  • Easier to just start up!
  • Bugfixes
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  • Added hooks for dynamic IRC server configuration
  • Version bump


  • Added configuration questions for IRC server


  • Removed old line from script that is no longer needed
  • Added instructions for running install.rb


  • Added line to restart bot


  • Added proper arguments to login method


  • Removed undefined method


  • Version bump