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Add support for Headers #118

asimabdul opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Implementing something like X-Insta-Forwarded-For requires passing in HTTP headers down to the faraday level. There doesn't seem to be support for this .


Is there alredy support for this?


It seems like you need especially sent to use signed request"/media/123/likes", {}, signature=true)


Sorry, by default in new version of client all like and relationship request are signed


Yes there is support already. You can see an example in the tests.

When you create a client include the client_id, client_secret and client_ips along with the access_token. The headers will be set automatically.

client = => "CID", :client_secret => @secret, :client_ips => @ips, :access_token => "AT")


It seems this was taken care of by #121, the issue should be closed.
As mentioned above all like and relationship requests are signed by default.

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