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The value of "count" fields is reported incorrectly #29

wesnolte opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Hashie::Mash values such as and are incorrect when retrieved using this notation. I can get the correct values when using[:count] so I suspect that "count" is a reserved keyword somewhere. I'm a bit of a ruby n00b but if someone can point me in the right direction I'll have a stab at fixing the code.


+1, count is a instance method of Hashie::Mash


+1 on this




Just ran into this too. Bump.


There's a discussion of this here intridea/hashie#119
It looks like the hashie people are going to raise an argumentException when a collision occurs. So we'll need to deal with above and probably create an alias for any arguments which collide e.g. count.


I wanted to drop by to mention that Hashie 3.3.1 adds a new extension Hashie::Extensions::MethodAccessWithOverride that might be of use to you guys. Including it in a Hash will give you method-like access to your keys and will allow you to overwrite methods with those keys. It sounded like that's what you were looking for.

There's also a new SafeAssignment Mash extension that will raise an error if you try to overwrite a method with a key if you'd rather go that way.

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