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NoMethodError: undefined method `query_values' #33

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I trying to use the sample application from here

Howeger i have always same issue.

NoMethodError - undefined method query_values' for #<URI::HTTPS:0x104376518>:
/Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/faraday-0.8.0/lib/faraday/connection.rb:226:in `run_request'

Line 10

    env[:url].query_values = {} if env[:url].query_values.nil?



Yeah i had the same problem.


This problem is caused faraday version.
It seems faraday behavior was changed after version "0.8.0".
Please try to use faraday version "0.7.6".


Yeah It worked thankyou :)

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Should the required version of Faraday be changed for the Gemfile to reflect this?


Also getting this error.


I can't downgrade to 0.7.6 because of other gem dependencies. I will try to make this gem support 0.8 but it may be over my head :)

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I also encountered this issue and fixed it by adding gem 'faraday', '0.7.6' to my Gemfile. Still, this shouldn't be necessary to get the gem working.


also fixed by adding gem 'faraday', '0.7.6' to my gemfile before the instagram gem - but shouldn't have to in the future amiright?


I get the same (I think) error

NoMethodError at /oauth/callback
undefined method `query_values' for #<URI::HTTPS:0x007fd1aa3bf848>

    file: oauth2.rb
    location: call
    line: 28

I'm fairly new to all this, so not sure where (in what Gemfile?) I should put

gem 'faraday', '0.7.6'

It'd be great if somebody could point me in the right direction.


Check out this issue #34

I'm using rewritten's changes. You can use his version of the gem, or create your own using:

gem 'instagram', :git => '<username>/instagram-ruby-gem'

I'm having the same problem with instagram (0.8.4)

NoMethodError - undefined method `query_values' for #URI::HTTPS:0x007fdf9956a308:


still an issue. please fix. also need to fix the rubygems version, and not force people to use github as source.


This is kind of a mess. I'm using instagram 0.8.4, and I'm unable to use faraday 0.7.6 because of the oauth2 gem.


@chiragrules yeah it is.

I am having to use hotfix forks to get around bugs in every gem.

gem 'omniauth-instagram', :git => "git://"
gem 'instagram', :git => ""

@lukeholder hey, that worked like a charm! I really appreciate it :)

Haven't had the chance to check out the new gem yet.

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