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@mauroc mauroc Updated Apps (markdown) 4785d8f
@moizk moizk Nooklyn no longer uses this gem. 8d7dbc4
@hpoydar hpoydar Updated Apps (markdown) 4c1324e
@jurezove jurezove Added our project Postercat to the list. ac5fe2f
@travisdmathis travisdmathis Updated Apps (markdown) ccd65bd
@travisdmathis travisdmathis Updated Apps (markdown) 761a51d
@travisdmathis travisdmathis Updated Apps (markdown) 26a008b
@Methos2013 Methos2013 In reviewing the current apps using the Instagram gem, Beautigram is the only URI that redirected to something suspicious/spam-like. Flagging it for others as a courtesy, as I'm not sure what the process is for reporting suspicious apps on the GitHub page for this gem. b144d01
@khaledalissa khaledalissa Updated Apps (markdown) 5dde334
@khaledalissa khaledalissa Updated Apps (markdown) 6732445
@khaledalissa khaledalissa Updated Apps (markdown) d775053
@41studi0 41studi0 Updated Apps (markdown) e162634
@romainbutteaud romainbutteaud Updated Apps (markdown) 256c7cb
@newenegue newenegue Updated Apps (markdown) cdb8086
Jan R. Updated Apps (markdown) ad747aa
Jan R. Updated Apps (markdown) 70fc10a
@aoredo aoredo Added a new website using the gem 6331c9d
@Katie28 Katie28 added Sideqik which just added instagram integration using this gem a2552c6
@greenmindPDX greenmindPDX Updated Apps (markdown) eaae99c
@tory tory Updated Apps (markdown) 6517e9b
@filso filso Updated Apps (markdown) ab10886
@filso filso Updated Apps (markdown) 45cc582
@filso filso Destroyed Social Invaders (markdown) 968a588
@filso filso Created Social Invaders (markdown) 68a1229
@marciok marciok Updated Apps (markdown) 02e60ba
@ethagnawl ethagnawl Updated Apps (markdown) 0d83695
@jorgecoca jorgecoca Updated Apps (markdown) bba96e3
@killion killion Updated Apps (markdown) 7a39de0
@dmzza dmzza Updated Apps (markdown) 9d7c273
@shayonj shayonj Updated Apps (markdown) 69343f0
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