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89da553 version bump to 2.4.6
andy authored
1 * 2.4.6
61f630f @andymccurdy updated changelog
andymccurdy authored
2 * Variadic arguments for SADD, SREM, ZREN, HDEL, LPUSH, and RPUSH. Thanks
3 Raphaël Vinot.
89da553 version bump to 2.4.6
andy authored
4 * (CRITICAL) Fixed an error in the Hiredis parser that occasionally caused
5 the socket connection to become corrupted and unusable. This became
6 noticeable once connection pools started to be used.
be1e749 @andymccurdy remove PUBLISH from the PubSub object. Can't PUBLISH from any connect…
andymccurdy authored
8 additional optional argument, score_cast_func, which is a callable used
9 to cast the score value in the return type. The default is float.
10 * Removed the PUBLISH method from the PubSub class. Connections that are
11 [P]SUBSCRIBEd cannot issue PUBLISH commands, so it doesn't make to have
12 it here.
53c928d @andymccurdy WATCH and UNWATCH have been broken since 2.4 because of connection po…
andymccurdy authored
13 * Pipelines now contain WATCH and UNWATCH. Calling WATCH or UNWATCH from
89da553 version bump to 2.4.6
andy authored
14 the base client class will result in a deprecation warning. After
15 WATCHing one or more keys, the pipeline will be placed in immediate
16 execution mode until UNWATCH or MULTI are called. Refer to the new
17 pipeline docs in the README for more information.
5c3a5eb @andymccurdy version bump 2.4.5
andymccurdy authored
18 * 2.4.5
19 * The PythonParser now works better when reading zero length strings.
1d0d7bd @andymccurdy fix a typo introduced in last commit. thanks Ask Solem for finding.
andymccurdy authored
20 * 2.4.4
5c3a5eb @andymccurdy version bump 2.4.5
andymccurdy authored
21 * Fixed a typo introduced in 2.4.3
146db39 @andymccurdy fix UnixDomainSocketConnection to report error messages based on it's…
andymccurdy authored
22 * 2.4.3
23 * Fixed a bug in the UnixDomainSocketConnection caused when trying to
24 form an error message after a socket error.
25 * 2.4.2
26 * Fixed a bug in pipeline that caused an exception while trying to
27 reconnect after a connection timeout.
bd2663c @andymccurdy version bump
andymccurdy authored
28 * 2.4.1
6c37ccf @andymccurdy changelog
andymccurdy authored
29 * Fixed a bug in the PythonParser if disconnect is called before connect.
da1a4e9 @andymccurdy 2.4.0 is out!
andymccurdy authored
30 * 2.4.0
e781152 @andymccurdy updated changelog for 2.4
andymccurdy authored
31 * WARNING: 2.4 contains several backwards incompatible changes.
32 * Completely refactored Connection objects. Moved much of the Redis
33 protocol packing for requests here, and eliminated the nasty dependencies
34 it had on the client to do AUTH and SELECT commands on connect.
35 * Connection objects now have a parser attribute. Parsers are responsible
36 for reading data Redis sends. Two parsers ship with redis-py: a
37 PythonParser and the HiRedis parser. redis-py will automatically use the
38 HiRedis parser if you have the Python hiredis module installed, otherwise
39 it will fall back to the PythonParser. You can force or the other, or even
40 an external one by passing the `parser_class` argument to ConnectionPool.
41 * Added a UnixDomainSocketConnection for users wanting to talk to the Redis
42 instance running on a local machine only. You can use this connection
43 by passing it to the `connection_class` argument of the ConnectionPool.
44 * Connections no longer derive from threading.local. See threading.local
45 note below.
46 * ConnectionPool has been comletely refactored. The ConnectionPool now
47 maintains a list of connections. The redis-py client only hangs on to
48 a ConnectionPool instance, calling get_connection() anytime it needs to
49 send a command. When get_connection() is called, the command name and
50 any keys involved in the command are passed as arguments. Subclasses of
51 ConnectionPool could use this information to identify the shard the keys
52 belong to and return a connection to it. ConnectionPool also implements
53 disconnect() to force all connections in the pool to disconnect from
54 the Redis server.
e2b6a80 @andymccurdy remove the SELECT command completely. use a separate client instance …
andymccurdy authored
55 * redis-py no longer support the SELECT command. You can still connect to
56 a specific database by specifing it when instantiating a client instance
57 or by creating a connection pool. If you need to talk to multiplate
58 databases within your application, you should use a separate client
59 instance for each database you want to talk to.
e781152 @andymccurdy updated changelog for 2.4
andymccurdy authored
60 * Completely refactored Publish/Subscribe support. The subscribe and listen
61 commands are no longer available on the redis-py Client class. Instead,
62 the `pubsub` method returns an instance of the PubSub class which contains
63 all publish/subscribe support. Note, you can still PUBLISH from the
64 redis-py client class if you desire.
65 * Removed support for all previously deprecated commands or options.
66 * redis-py no longer uses threading.local in any way. Since the Client
67 class no longer holds on to a connection, it's no longer needed. You can
68 now pass client instances between threads, and commands run on those
69 threads will retrieve an available connection from the pool, use it and
70 release it. It should now be trivial to use redis-py with eventlet or
71 greenlet.
eb31737 @andymccurdy updated changes
andymccurdy authored
72 * ZADD now accepts pairs of value=score keyword arguements. This should help
73 resolve the long standing #72. The older value and score arguements have
74 been deprecated in favor of the keyword argument style.
75 * Client instances now get their own copy of RESPONSE_CALLBACKS. The new
76 set_response_callback method adds a user defined callback to the instance.
2eb518a @andymccurdy added thank you for adam
andymccurdy authored
77 * Support Jython, fixing #97. Thanks to Adam Vandenberg for the patch.
bbf8cc5 @andymccurdy __getitem__ now raises a KeyError when a key doesn't exist
andymccurdy authored
78 * Using __getitem__ now properly raises a KeyError when the key is not
79 found. Thanks Ionuț Arțăriși for the patch.
b91169c @andymccurdy credit to Benjamin Anderson.
andymccurdy authored
80 * Newer Redis versions return a LOADING message for some commands while
81 the database is loading from disk during server start. This could cause
82 problems with SELECT. We now force a socket disconnection prior to
83 raising a ResponseError so subsuquent connections have to reconnect and
84 re-select the appropriate database. Thanks to Benjamin Anderson for
85 finding this and fixing.
368cccd @andymccurdy version bump
andymccurdy authored
86 * 2.2.4
e0478f9 @andymccurdy changelog
andymccurdy authored
87 * WARNING: Potential backwards incompatible change - Changed order of
88 parameters of ZREVRANGEBYSCORE to match those of the actual Redis command.
89 This is only backwards-incompatible if you were passing max and min via
90 keyword args. If passing by normal args, nothing in user code should have
91 to change. Thanks Stéphane Angel for the fix.
92 * Fixed INFO to properly parse the Redis data correctly for both 2.2.x and
93 2.3+. Thanks Stéphane Angel for the fix.
7504460 @andymccurdy changelog about Locks
andymccurdy authored
94 * Lock objects now store their timeout value as a float. This allows floats
95 to be used as timeout values. No changes to existing code required.
636d242 @andymccurdy more changes
andymccurdy authored
96 * WATCH now supports multiple keys. Thanks Rich Schumacher.
459b5a1 @andymccurdy notes about python 2.4 compatibility changes
andymccurdy authored
97 * Broke out some code that was Python 2.4 incompatible. redis-py should
98 now be useable on 2.4, but this hasn't actually been tested. Thanks
99 Dan Colish for the patch.
4d344ff @andymccurdy changelog
andymccurdy authored
100 * Optimized some code using izip and islice. Should have a pretty good
101 speed up on larger data sets. Thanks Dan Colish.
64b8e04 @andymccurdy HMSET changelog notice
andymccurdy authored
102 * Better error handling when submitting an empty mapping to HMSET. Thanks
103 Dan Colish.
13850b1 @andymccurdy i keep forgeting to write the changelog with the change =(
andymccurdy authored
104 * Subscription status is now reset after every (re)connection.
0eaa1a5 @andymccurdy version bump and changelog notes
andymccurdy authored
105 * 2.2.3
e0478f9 @andymccurdy changelog
andymccurdy authored
106 * Added support for Hiredis. To use, simply "pip install hiredis" or
0eaa1a5 @andymccurdy version bump and changelog notes
andymccurdy authored
107 "easy_install hiredis". Thanks for Pieter Noordhuis for the hiredis-py
108 bindings and the patch to redis-py.
56a5fc7 @andymccurdy typos!
andymccurdy authored
109 * The connection class is chosen based on whether hiredis is installed
6c0b35c @andymccurdy allow the user to choose a connection class via the ConnectionPool
andymccurdy authored
110 or not. To force the use of the PythonConnection, simply create
111 your own ConnectionPool instance with the connection_class argument
112 assigned to to PythonConnection class.
657a0aa @andymccurdy changelog update about zrevrangebyscore
andymccurdy authored
113 * Added missing command ZREVRANGEBYSCORE. Thanks Jay Baird for the patch.
89705f3 @andymccurdy changelog note about INFO
andymccurdy authored
114 * The INFO command should be parsed correctly on 2.2.x server versions
115 and is backwards compatible with older versions. Thanks Brett Hoerner.
5f99011 @andymccurdy fixes #76 where ZREVRANK was using the wrong response callback
andymccurdy authored
116 * 2.2.2
117 * Fixed a bug in ZREVRANK where retriving the rank of a value not in
118 the zset would raise an error.
7112f5b @andymccurdy reverting download_url back to redis-VERSION.tar.gz to fix #94. This …
andymccurdy authored
119 * Fixed a bug in Connection.send where the errno import was getting
120 overwritten by a local variable.
121 * Fixed a bug in SLAVEOF when promoting an existing slave to a master.
122 * Reverted change of download URL back to redis-VERSION.tar.gz. 2.2.1's
123 change of this actually broke Pypi for Pip installs. Sorry!
f8d44ef @andymccurdy updating setuptools to look for redis-py-VERSION.tar.gz
andymccurdy authored
124 * 2.2.1
125 * Changed archive name to redis-py-VERSION.tar.gz to not conflict
126 with the Redis server archive.
a358123 @andymccurdy Client now compatible with 2.2.0 commands. (SLAVEOF, CONFIG GET, CONF…
andymccurdy authored
127 * 2.2.0
128 * Implemented SLAVEOF
129 * Implemented CONFIG as config_get and config_set
130 * Implemented GETBIT/SETBIT
131 * Implemented BRPOPLPUSH
132 * Implemented STRLEN
133 * Implemented PERSIST
134 * Implemented SETRANGE
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