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Plato is free, open source user community & customer support software built upon .NET Core.
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Welcome to the official repository for Plato.

Plato is free, open source user community & customer support software built upon .NET Core. Plato offers a complete stack of fully integrated tools to help anyone provide a simple, branded support site for your users or customers.

Plato can be used to...

  • Collaborate with your users through fully featured public or private discussions
  • Easily publish beautiful product or technical documentation to help your users
  • Provide an online knowledge base of helpful support resources
  • Support products through public or private Q&A features
  • Shape products through public or private product ideation & voting
  • Improve products through public or private issue tracking & voting

Plato is written in C# using .NET Core 2.2, MVC6 & Bootstrap 4.

Live Demo

Our demo provides access to the Plato administrator dashaboard allowing you to fully explore Plato...

Plato In Action

You can see below the main modules offered with Plato. You can custom fit Plato to suite your specific requirements via hundreds of extra modules.


Plato.Discuss adds a fully featured user community to Plato.



Plato.Docs adds beautiful product documentation all written in Markdown to Plato.



Plato.Articles adds a searchable knowledgebase to Plato.



Plato.Questions adds public or private Q&A to Plato.



Plato.Ideas adds public or private ideation to Plato.



Plato.Issues adds public or private issues tracking to Plato.


Web Site

To learn more about Plato please visit the projedts official web site...


Our documentation is probably the best place to get started with Plato.


Please discuss Plato, post your questions, suggest ideas or report issues via our own Plato installation at...

Navigating the Code


All projects within the Plato core are namespaced Plato.Internal. You can browse all Plato core projects here...


Modules provide the real funcitonality offered by Plato. You can browse all official modules here...

Web Site

The Plato web site is minimal but can be found here...


Stable Branch ( master )

For the latest stable releases please see our releases page.

Experimental Branches

Only the master branch is suitible for production. All other branches are development branches and should never be used in production.


We welcome contributions and will always support and assist contributors. Before considering a contribution please see our simple guidelines.


We strive to ensure Plato is as secure as possible. Plato is open source software and the code can be reviewed by anyone on the internet. We are confident in the quality of our code and have nothing to hide but should you discover any vulnerabilities, attacks or room for improvement please do let us know immediately via email to and we will assist as quickly as possible.


Plato is 100% free and open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. Before using Plato please review the GPL 3.0 license and ensure your happy with the terms and conditions defined by the license.

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