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Instant Business Network - Powerful Project Tools for your Successful Online Project Management


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Powerful Project Tools for your Successful Online Project Management

Overview of IBN Software for Project Management

Instant Business Network (IBN) is a web-based collaborative software, developed using .NET. The product consists of a web portal and a set of client tools that solve together a wide range of business objectives including project collaboration and management, incident management as well as time-tracking and reporting, document management and and event CRM capabilties.

IBN allows co-workers, team members, customers, and partners of a company to effectively collaborate and share information in the own online company’s working portal.

IBN was firstly released in 2001 as custom project solution for United States Postal Service and Nokia Divisions. For the past 8 years the software has undergone significant changes and improvements and become a full independent solution that is now used by more than 7 thousands of clients all over the world, including small project teams and large organizations.

IBN is known as complex solution that includes wide range of tools for project management, document management, tasks and Issues management and several contact-management and CRM features. The solution's interface is similar to MS Outlook: navigation between blocks is organized with the left menu. Several blocks can be hidden if there is no need in them or to the contrary, you can add some blocks required for you. The experience of development team, integration with other solutions and customization according to clients' special requests allow deployment of the solution in companies of different levels.

Online Project Management

Work more effectively with your co-workers, customers, and partners with IBN Online Project Management Software!

IBN includes a wide range of wise web-based project management tools for managing projects, uploading files, and online sharing project calendars to ensure project success.

Project Collaboration Tools

Use all advantages of Online Project Management for easier project communication and collaboration!

IBN allows project members to collaborate and share project information online. Create Project Team including your business colleagues and partners, and manage your projects online.

Project Timesheets & Time Tracking

Easily track your time for your projects and tasks!

Efficiently calculate project resources costs while saving money on billing. Time tracking is useful for companies that need project tracking for billing purposes with a proper approval process. Using IBN Online project suite, you can track your projects 24/7.

Why Instant Business Network

  • All advantages of Web-based collaboration software
  • Software with Background — designed by Mediachase since 2001
  • Over 7000 users all over the World including USPS and Nokia
  • Monthly updates with new features and capabilities
  • MS Office, Open Office and AutoCAD Integration
  • MS Project Synchronization
  • Hosted solutions with monthly payment or Server Installation
  • Powerfull bunch of tools including Project, Task, Document, Incident Management and CRM

IBN Key Features

  • Single web-based Project Space
  • Project Planning, Finance, Time & Issue Tracking
  • Project Team, Discussions, File Library & Project Templates
  • System Notifications & Reminders (e-mail, IM, RSS)
  • Integration and Synchronization with MS Project and MS Office Calendar entries
  • Project Tasks and to-dos view
  • Sharing Project Documents and Calendars
  • External Users (access to project space with limited rights)

Download & Install


Open Source License

How to activate license

  • Run IBN 4.7 Server Product Activator
  • Enter product key L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87 to unlock the product
  • Select 'Activate by E-Mail' method
  • Download and Save L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87.lic license file to IBN Server folder
  • Run McActivator.exe /i L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87.lic from command line to activate license
  • Restart IIS


If you want to report an issue, bug or make a suggestion, please do so here:


Instant Business Network - Powerful Project Tools for your Successful Online Project Management







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