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## Open Source License
* Serial Number: L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87
* License File:

## How to activate license
* Run IBN 4.7 Server Product Activator
* Enter product key L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87 to unlock the product
* Select 'Activate by E-Mail' method
* Download and Save L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87.lic license file to IBN Server folder
* Run McActivator.exe /i L65TS-W310C-LD61Y-V4PW3-AER87.lic from command line to activate license
* Restart IIS

## Issues
If you want to report an issue, bug or make a suggestion, please do so here:

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