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Instant Update is free Open Source PHP/MySQL Content Management System (CMS).

The Difference from others

Instant Update is based on NO template structure. Your HTML is your template.

As HTML elements may have unique ID attribute set, our choice was to use HTML IDs to mark editable regions. This is all done on the fly. That means that Instant Update recognizes all IDs automatically.

All documentation and issues are located at our community forum at:

Test Instant Update live in action!

Download from Github and follow these directions to install:

What we can see in future:

  1. Repeatable content - Repeat any div one after the other. Good for news, articles, shopping items and more.

  2. Gallery that works similar to repeatable content only with images.

  3. Plugin system.

  4. Contact form plugin.

  5. Improved statistics.


Instant Update is a Open Source CMS based on NO template engine.




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