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Installation instructions

run mvn initialize in order to install third-party jars into your local maven repository

Creating a new topology

  • Choose a name for the topology and create a folder with this name inside this project (the name should be URL compatible)
  • Each topology has to be an own maven module of this project and therefore has to be listed in the parent POM
  • Each topology has to have its own TopologyRunner class which defines how its bolts are assembled. An example of this class is available here
  • Examples of topology modules with an existing pom are available here and here

Implementing a storm bolt

  • Sample implementations are available here and here
  • Some of these samples use static files for their computations. All static files which are used by a bolt have to be moved into the resources directory of the REST service in order to be available at runtime. Every file which is located in this directory will be accessible via http at http://localhost:8182/static/${filename} (replace localhost by the REST service's server address).

Deploying Topologies

  • Deployment without using the REST service
    • run mvn --projects someTopology clean install in order to deploy someTopology to the storm cluster
  • Deployment with the REST service
    • start the REST service and call http://localhost:8182/storm/someTopology/deploy?channel=someChannel in order to deploy someTopology on someChannel


Apache Storm topologies of Institute WeST in the EU project REVEAL






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