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There are currently two ways to keep a component from being subject to the StateTransitionTracker

  • annotate the specific component with "@SubstanceRenderer"
  • be contained in a recognized renderer (is a CellRendererPane or implementes ListCellRenderer, TreeCellRenderer, or TableCellRenderer)

There should be a third way, by adding some client property that says "No animations please" to itself or one of it's parents.


I have an issue related to that with a progress bar. I use it to show a process, when I start the same process again, I set the progress value to 0 then I start the process on a thread and update the progress bar. The result is ugly because the progress bar start to regress to 0 then progress at the same time. There is no way to deactivate the animation nor to say set the display value to 0 without animation. I tried many things with no real benefit, so I just recreate the control every times I need it.


Isn't this already possible with the AnimationConfigurationManager? Kirill described it in a blog post back in 2007:


The AnimationConfigurationManager is not useful for the SubstanceProgressBarUI nor is the @SubstanceRenderer annotation. The class only looks at the superclass of the component to check if it is a CellRendererPane.

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