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ConfigNOW Continuous Integration and DevOps tools from Integral
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Launch Environments in Minutes, Not Days

ConfigNOW offers a modern approach to establishing and managing environments built on Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), JBoss & Tomcat. It allows DevOps staff to build new environments rapidly and manage environments reliably, by using inherited, extendable templates.

If this is the first time you are hearing about ConfigNOW, we recommend starting with the ConfigNOW website

ConfigNOW provides:

  • • a simple, elegant user interface allowing the users to build, deploy & manage environments
  • • choice of Command Line or Graphical user interfaces (CLI or GUI)
  • • flexible, role-based UI security allowing precise permission grants;
  • • a centralised configuration build server where all configuration and product installations are managed centrally and distributed automatically;
  • • an easy, yet powerful way to define the full configuration of any middleware environment;
  • • the ability to rapidly create new environments, simply by extending existing ones, allowing complete synchronization across all environments at all times;
  • • complete installation, configuration and deployment of environments in a consistent and reliable way, using just one command;
  • • a complete set of tools for installing, configuring, deploying and managing middleware systems; and
  • • Out-of-the-box templates providing best practice approaches for Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions.

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| About ConfigNOW |Licensing & Community Contributions | User Guide |Command Reference | Release Notes
| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:| | About ConfigNOW | Community & Licencing |User Guide |Command Reference | Release Notes| | About ConfigNOW | Licensing | User Guide |Command Reference |Release Notes | | A quick introduction for absolute beginners | Since ConfigNOW is available under open source licence its free to use, share etc. We appreciate contributions, suggestions or feature requests from the users as well as open source community. | A step-by-step guide to setup and start using ConfigNOW |Detailed Command and Property reference documentation for customizing ConfigNOW templates and/or property files. | Features or bug fixes were introduced as part of each release and any known issues etc. |

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