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The Intel Genomics Libary versions prior to 0.8.9 do not include the latest functional and security updates. Intel Genomics Libary Version 0.8.9 has been released in December 23rd 2021 and includes important security updates. Customers should update to the latest version now.

Intel has aditional testing under way on the v0.8.9 release we expect to finish in January 2022.

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Genomics Kernel Library (GKL)

This repository contains optimized versions of compute kernels used in genomics applications like GATK and HTSJDK. These kernels are optimized to run on Intel Architecture (AVX, AVX2, AVX-512, and multicore) under 64-bit Linux and Mac OSX.

Kernels included:

  • PairHMM
    • AVX and AVX-512 optimized versions of PairHMM used in GATK HaplotypeCaller and MuTect2.
    • OpenMP support for multicore processors.
  • Smith-Waterman
    • AVX2 and AVX-512 optimized versions of Smith-Waterman used in GATK HaplotypeCaller and MuTect2.
  • DEFLATE Compression/Decompression:
    • Performance optimized Level 1 and 2 compression and decompression from Intel's ISA-L library.
    • Performance optimized Level 3 through 9 compression from Intel's Open Source Technology Center zlib library.

Building GKL

GKL release binaries are built on CentOS 7, to enable running on most Linux distributions (see holy-build-box for a good discription of portability issues).


  • Java JDK 8
  • Git >= 2.5
  • CMake >=
  • GCC g++ >= 5.3.1
  • GNU patch >= 2.6
  • GNU libtool >= 2.2.6
  • GNU automake >= 1.11.1
  • Yasm >= 1.2.0
  • zlib-devel >= 1.2.7


Run these commands to setup the build environment on CentOS:

sudo yum install -y java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel git cmake patch libtool automake yasm zlib-devel centos-release-scl help2man
sudo yum install -y devtoolset-7-gcc-c++
source scl_source enable devtoolset-7

Build and Test

After build requirements are met, clone, and build :

git clone
cd GKL
./gradlew build

For more details check


All code is licensed under the MIT License, except: