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River Trail

Note: As of 2016, River Trail is no longer being actively developed.

River Trail is a JavaScript library and a Firefox add-on that together provide support for data-parallel programming in JavaScript, targeting multi-core CPUs, GPUs and vector SSE/AVX instructions.

Please see the project wiki or the FAQs for more details.

Quick Start

  1. Install OpenCL. (Mac OS X users can skip this step, since OpenCL is already part of the system.)
  2. Install or open Firefox. Important: see the below note about Firefox version requirements.
  3. Install the River Trail Firefox add-on.
  4. Using Firefox with the River Trail add-on enabled, try one of our live demos, or the interactive shell!
  5. A good way to get started with programming with the River Trail API is to go through our tutorial.

Firefox version requirements

The final release of River Trail (v0.35.0) is known to work with Firefox versions 33, 34, and 35. It may work with newer versions of Firefox, but has not been tested.

Note that River Trail is an unsigned extension. Beginning with Firefox 42, Mozilla began to change their extension security model to require extensions to be signed through Extension signing is now mandatory and cannot be overridden for Firefox release and beta channels, but may be overridden in Firefox nightly and Firefox Developer Edition by setting the xpinstall.signatures.required preference to "false".