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Building the Firefox River Trail Extension

This README is for extension developers. If you just want to install the River Trail extension, you can install a pre-built version.

Preliminaries: OpenCL SDK

MacOS X 10.6 and later already provide the required OpenCL stack as part of the operating system. On Windows and Linux, you will need to install the Intel OpenCL SDK for the extension to work.

Building the extension

This extension is based on the Firefox Add-on SDK. In order to build and test the extension, first install the Add-on SDK and activate it in the Add-on SDK's directory. For example, on Linux, Mac OS and MinGW on Windows:

cd addon-sdk
source bin/activate

On Windows with the native shell:

cd addon-sdk

You can then test, run, and package the extension using the cfx tool that comes with the Add-on SDK. (Note: as of this writing, cfx is due to be replaced with jpm in the near future.)

cd RiverTrail/extension
cfx run # launches an instance of Firefox with the extension
cfx xpi # creates an installable XPI file

Once you have the extension up and running, test it out with one of our demos.