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What's new

  • Enhanced metadata store (through PMGD):

    • Fully ACID compliant transactions
    • Support for persistence for contemporary systems with no PM through MSYNC
  • Support for user-defined blobs:

    • Insert and retrieve arbitrary blobs
    • Add and query user-defined properties for blobs
  • Support for querying of relationships and its properties (FindConnection Command)

  • Support for Visual Descriptors (aka feature vectors):

    • New commands for adding and indexing feature vectors.
    • Native support for k-nearest neighbor search operation at query time.
    • Support for Facebook's Faiss indexes
    • Support for a Sparse Arrays based indexes (through TileDB 1.3.1)
    • Support for Classification operation, based on user-defined labels.
  • Enhanced support for operations over Images:

    • New Operation: Flip (vertical, horizontal, or both)
    • New Operation: Rotate (and optional resize adjust)
    • TileDB image format updated to TileDB 1.3.1
  • Support for Bounding Boxes:

    • Support for insert/retrieve bounding boxes and links with images.
  • Support for Storing and Accessing Videos (through OpenCV 3.4):

    • Support for codecs: h.264, xvid, h.263.
    • Support for containers: avi, mp4, mov.
    • Support for inserting and querying videos with user-defined properties.
    • Support for crop, resize, threshold, and interval operations at query time.
  • Update Commands (Update for Entities, Connections, Images, Bounding Boxes and Videos)

  • Full Support for Python3 (backward compatible with Python 2):

    • Installation of Python Client through pip
    • Simply run: pip install vdms
  • Updated docker images (publicly available at

    • Very easy to have a VDMS Server running on your system
    • Simply run: docker run -it intellabs/vdms:2.0.0
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Updated documentation:

    • New VDMS Commands (at
    • PMGD API documentation (at

Compatible with PMGD v2.0.0 and VCL v1.0.0.

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