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Recorded Camera Data

Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 supports working with pre-recorded data (learn more).

All files below can be opened using the RealSense Viewer (Add Source > Load Recorded Sequence or just drag & drop into the Viewer) In addition, you can make any of the provided examples run from file, by replacing pipe.start() with:

rs2::config cfg;
pipe.start(cfg); // Load from file

*.bag files contain uncompressed and unfiltered data and hence tend to be rather large (in the order of 100 MB per one second of recording). Our file-format is an extension of open ROS-bag format, meaning they can also be opened using existing robotics tools like rqt-bag

Disclaimer: The files below are not official marketing material. These are captured using pre-production hardware with the sole purpose of helping developers, makers and students get started with RealSense technology


Outdoors scene captured with D415 pre-production sample (Depth from Stereo)
Flight of stairs captured D435 pre-production sample (Depth from Stereo)
Short-range scene captured with the SR300 Depth Camera (Structured Light technology)
Scene captured with pre-production D415 device (Depth from Stereo) with objects submerged under water Binder
Outdoor scene with D435i pre-production sample (Depth from Stereo with IMU)