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Tools for Intel® RealSense™ Camera

  1. RealSense-Viewer - This application allows you to quickly access your Intel® RealSense™ Depth cameras and modules. It allows you to view the depth stream, record and playback streams, configure your camera and much more.
  2. Depth Quality Tool - Application that calculates and visualizes depth metrics to assess and characterize the quality of the depth data.
  3. Convert Tool - Console application for converting ROS-bag files to various formats
  4. Recorder - Simple command line data recorder

Debug Tools

  1. Enumerate-Devices - Console application providing information about connected devices
  2. Firmware-Logger - Console application for collecting internal camera logs.
  3. Data-Collect - Console application capable of generating CSV report of frame statistics
  4. Terminal - Troubleshooting tool that sends commands to the camera firmware
  5. ROS Bag Inspector - GUI application for inspecting .bag files
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