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.NET Wrapper for Intel® RealSense™ SDK

This folder offers P/Invoke based bindings for most SDK APIs, together with a couple of examples.

Table of Contents


To work with Intel RealSense from .NET you will need two libraries next to your application - realsense2 and Intel.RealSense.dll.

In order to get the native realsense2 library you can either build the SDK from source using CMake or install the latest release.

Next, build the managed class library project:

With CMake and Visual Studio

This is the recommended option, you get the library and samples in a single solution, developers have both the native and managed projects and can enable native code debugging.

Prerequisites :

  • Visual Studio ≥ 2015
  • .NET framework ≥ 3.5 (.NET 3.5 is required for the Unity wrapper)

After installing all prerequisites, generate realsense2.sln with BUILD_CSHARP_BINDINGS and BUILD_SHARED_LIBS flags using cmake.

Generate the VS solution using cmake (run from librealsense root dir):

mkdir build
cd build

The file realsense2.sln should be created in build folder, open the file with Visual Studio, C# examples and library will be available in the solution under Wrappers/csharp.

Both the native library and the .NET wrapper are built by default as part of the examples dependencies.

With .NET Core CLI

Create csharp\Intel.RealSense\Intel.RealSense.csproj with following:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">

and build with:

cd csharp\Intel.RealSense
dotnet build

With Mono

Get Mono for your platform.

Create csharp\Intel.RealSense\Intel.RealSense.csproj with following:

<Project xmlns="">
    <Compile Include="**/*.cs" />
    <Reference Include="System" />
  <Import Project="$(MSBuildBinPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" />

and build with:

$ cd csharp/Intel.RealSense
$ msbuild /nologo /verbosity:minimal
  Intel.RealSense -> /mnt/c/tmp/mono/Intel.RealSense/Intel.RealSense.dll

Tested with Mono C# compiler version

The project can also be opened and built in MonoDevelop.

Hello World

Here is a minimal depth application written in C#:

var pipe = new Pipeline();

while (true)
    using (var frames = pipe.WaitForFrames())
    using (var depth = frames.DepthFrame)
        Console.WriteLine("The camera is pointing at an object " +
            depth.GetDistance(depth.Width / 2, depth.Height / 2) + " meters away\t");

        Console.SetCursorPosition(0, 0);

Note: Since the SDK is holding-on to native hardware resources, it is critical to make sure you deterministically dispose of objects, especially those derived from Frame. Without releasing resources explicitly the Garbage Collector will not keep-up with new frames being allocated.

Next steps

See the samples located in this folder, the cookbook and the pinvoke notes.

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