RealSense2 OpenNI2 driver

alt text Picture: An example of OpenNI2 work with RealSense

Allows to use RealSense2 hardware with OpenNI2

Current features:

  • configure stream modes
  • access live data (color/depth/IR)
  • record and playback files
  • depth to color mapping
  • user tracking with NiTE2
  • no code changes required

Getting started

Download OpenNI2 SDK

Download RealSense2 SDK

Run CMake on driver and configure SDK's:

  • OPENNI2_DIR (For linux, the path may be "/usr/include/openni2")

Generate project files and compile driver

For Windows, copy rs2driver.dll and realsense2.dll to OPENNI2_DIR/Samples/Bin/OpenNI2/Drivers/ For Linux, copy and to OPENNI2_DIR/Samples/Bin/OpenNI2/Drivers/

Launch any OpenNI2 example (SimpleRead SimpleViewer NiViewer) located at OPENNI2_DIR/Samples/Bin/


alt text Picture: Show hotkeys

alt text Picture: Configuring streams

alt text Picture: Configuring capture


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.