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IntellectualSites is an open source organization developing game modifications for Minecraft


IntellectualSites is a Minecraft Software organization focusing on the development of map editors, world management plugins and other tools.

Visit us on our discord server to ask project related questions or to hang out:

IntellectualSites Discord


  1. PlotSquared Public

    PlotSquared - Reinventing the plotworld

    Java 463 579

  2. Blazingly fast world manipulation for artists, builders and everyone else:

    Java 508 172

  3. Plot2Dynmap Public

    PlotSquared dynmap addon

    Java 4 5

  4. Java client for the Arkitektonika API

    Java 5 1

  5. a REST repository for NBT data

    TypeScript 5 5

  6. The frontend for Arkitektonika

    Vue 8 4


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