PlotSquared - Reinventing the plotworld
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For the end user, PlotSquared is packed with a tonne of cool features. It allows you to merge plots, and build together with your friends. You can also change a lot of plot specific settings in the form of flags. Such as: weather, time, gamemodes, pvp status.

Whilst we provide a whole load of unique features, the biggest focus is to provide a lag-free and smooth experience.



1.13+ (Pre-Release)


Developer Resources


Gradle is the recommended way to build the project. Use ./gradlew build in the main project directory to build the project. Gradle is required if you intend to build or develop the Sponge module. If you prefer to use maven, a pom.xml file is provided for working with the Bukkit part of the plugin.


Feel free to contribute, if you feel like you can improve the plugin in any way. Make sure to test your code before sending it away from us, as committing broken code will block you from future contribution.


Suggestions are welcome! We have a separate issue tracker for suggestions, that can be found in this repository.

Official Addons