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WebSharper bindings to Hopac - expressive concurrency in JavaScript.

WebSharper cross-compiles F# code to run in the browser via JavaScript, and Hopac implements expressive concurrency combinators in F# inspired by Concurrent ML. The aim of this project is to be a bridge between the two. By referencing WebSharper.Hopac in your project, you should be able to use Hopac vocabulary on the client, and even share some code concurrency patterns between client and server.


For the first version, we are aiming to cover some basics, such as Job combinators, Alt.choose, Alt.withNack.. The very first iteration ignores exception semantics for the moment. Focus is on reasonably matching the semantics, although there are obvious limitations of the WebSharper/JS enironment. For example, scheduling is fully cooperative, uses a single CPU only; basically context switches cannot interrupt a basic a -> b function, though they can be inserted automatically inside Job<'T>.


See https://github.com/intellifactory/websharper/blob/master/LICENSE.md