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Grails Google PDF Viewer Demo

This plugin integrates power of Google doc pdf viewer to your application , though this plugin has been created using Grails-1.3.4 but it supports all version from Grails-1.1.

Example - Whenever pdf is attached as attachment to gmail , it gives two options 1) download 2) View When user selects view is opens pdf in GoogleDoc , similar effect is provided by this plugin , all user needs to do is give full path to tag provided by taglib.


  • With this plugin end user will be able to read/print pdf, even if pdf reader is not installed on his machine/browser.
  • For application security pdf token given to Google expires after first hit.( If opened in Chrome mode token does not expire)



  • To use this plugin , user needs to use isSupportedByGoogleDocs tag of PdfTaglib , which checks whether doc is supported by Google Doc and if its supported a link is created to Google Docs.
  <pdf:isSupportedByGoogleDocs params="['fullPath':fullPath,chrome:true]">
         View on Google Docs
  • Here fullPath is full path of file along its name . ex /home/username/pdfname.pdf
  • param chrome is optional here. if opened in chrome mode , i.e chrome:true , then Pdf is opened with Menu.
  • Make sure that action viewPdf of controller pdfViewer pubic.
  • Since google needs to hit your application , will not work on local machines.

Test For local machine

IMPORTANT: Action viewPdf of controller PdfViewer must be public, so that google can access it.

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