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This plugin leverages the Resources plugin to apply minification of CSS and JS files. It works well with the cached-resources plugin to do minification to the automatically uniquely-named and browser-cached css and js files.

By default, in this alpha, all css/js files handled by the resources plugin will be minified.

Thanks to Marc Palmer for the amazing resources plugin which provides a way for hooking into the resource serving process and Burt Beckwith's code to use the YUI Compression in the UI-Performance plugin which served as a great starting point for this plugin.


Just install:

grails install-plugin minified-resources

See the documentation for the resources plugin for how to define your resources or how to link to them with and You can also provide the following configuration options which are used by Yahoo JS Compression

    minify {
      munge = true  //Should be false if the compressor should not shorten local variable names when possible. Defaults to true.
      preserveAllSemiColons = false //Should be true if the compressor should preserve all semicolons in the code. Defaults to false.
      disableOptimizations = false // Should be true if the compressor should disable all micro optimizations. Defaults to true.
      verbose = false //Should be true if the JS Compressor should print all warnings/errors faced while compressing on to the console. Defaults to False
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