Known Issues

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The Plugin has following known issue :

  1. While using the tag multiSelect, If we don't use multiple attribute but provide default value(s) to the value attribute as shown
<ui:multiSelect name="state"  from="${['Delhi','Noida','Gurgaon']}"  value="${['Delhi']}"  noSelection="['':'Select One']" />

then the tag will not work as a normal <g:select> as expected, but will work as a multi select tag. Also, the javascript functions provided with the plugin will work. To make it work as a <g:select> please do not provide a default value.

  1. As mentioned in documentation the multiple attribute must be absent to make it work as a normal <g:select>. Even if the multiple attribute is set to "no" or "false" or anything, the tag will behave as a multiSelect tag.
<ui:multiSelect name="state" multiple="no" from="${['Delhi','Noida','Gurgaon']}" noSelection="['':'Select One']"  /> 

This will behave as a multiSelect tag.