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Project Brief

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Project Brief

  • Project: Open Data Kit -X (ODK-X) Enhancement
  • Client name: Digital Square at PATH
  • Project period: August 2022 to September 2022

In response to the call in the Global Goods Innovators community to improve, advance or enhance the broader global good community and tools, IntelliSOFT has re-engineered (design and software development) the Open Data Kit -X (ODK-X), an open-source tool designed for data collection and management in resource-constrained settings. The re-engineering done by IntelliSOFT included enhancing the user experience through the navigation process, improving user management, and minimizing security risks.

The improved and simplified user management experience and secure credential generation make it easier for technical and non-technical team members to use the ODK-X. This is in line with the overall goal of the ODK-X tools to eliminate the need for any software engineering skills when designing and using data management applications in a bid to propel social impact.