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A barebones Coalesce Vue project which can be built upon.

For more information on Coalesce, visit

To quickly get up and running with a new Coalesce Vue project:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Run RenameProject.ps1 to rename the solution files and code namespaces to your desired project name.

At this point, you can open up Visual Studio and run the application. However, you will probably want to do the following before running:

  1. Create an initial data model by adding EF entity classes to the data project and the corresponding DbSet<> properties to AppDbContext. You will notice that this project includes a single model, ApplicationUser, to start with.
  2. Run dotnet coalesce to trigger Coalesce's code generation.
  3. Run dotnet ef migrations add Init (Init can be any name) in the data project to create the initial database migration.

After you've started to grow content with your project, consider the following:

  • Remove the dummy authentication from Startup.cs and implement a proper authentication scheme.

Project Configuration

This project is made with vue-cli. Additional plugins for vue-cli may be added as desired.

You are strongly encouraged to read through at least the first few pages of the vue-cli docs before getting started on any development.

Project structure of the Web project is as follows:

  • /src - Files that should be compiled into your application. CSS/SCSS, TypeScript, Vue SFCs, and so on.
  • /public - Static assets that should be served as files. Includes index.html, the root document of the application.
  • /tests - Jest unit tests.
  • /wwwroot - Target for compiled output.

As always with a Coalesce project, run dotnet coalesce to perform code generation.

During development, no special tooling is required to build your frontend code. WebpackDevMiddleware in ASP.NET Core will take care of that automatically when the application starts.

Upon publish, a target defined in the .csproj file of the web project will build all static resources for production.


A barebones Coalesce Vue project which can be built upon



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