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Intelligence X API Go client

The Go package ixapi uses the Intelligence X API to perform searches and return results.

There is a full working command line program ix that uses this package.

Using the package

To download the package:

go get -u

Then import it in your code:

import ""

The code has a default public API key and URL embedded. If you received your own API key, make sure to specify it in the Init function.

Following code performs a search and queries the results. Selector is the search term.

search := ixapi.IntelligenceXAPI{}
search.Init("", "")
results, selectorInvalid, err := search.Search(ctx, Selector, ixapi.SortXScoreDesc, 100, ixapi.DefaultWaitSortTime, ixapi.DefaultTimeoutGetResults)

These are all functions available of the IntelligenceXAPI struct:

Init                    Initializes the API with optional API URL and Key
SearchStart             Starts a search and returns the search ID
SearchStartAdvanced     Starts a search with optional parameters and returns the search ID
SearchGetResults        Returns available results
SearchTerminate         Terminates a search
FilePreview             Returns the preview (max first 1000 characters) of an item
FileRead                Returns the full item data
SearchGetResultsAll     Returns all results within a timeout
SetAPIKey               Sets API URL and Key to use

These are high-level functions that search and return the results immediately:

Search                  Starts a search and queries all results
SearchWithDates         Starts a search with dates and queries all results
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