Aleksandar Pajkanovic

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Integrated circuits design is not a novel thing for me - I come from several years of experience in both academy, where I did design, and industry, where I did test engineering. However, it was all in analog/RF domain, so my coding skills (C, Python, bash) have been just another item in my software toolbox that I carry around. I mention this only to give background on what was (and probably still is) the most problematic thing for me, which, at the same time is also the most astonishing - how powerful a single line of Chisel (i.e. Scala) can be! Going through the basic examples I managed to solve them, yes, but looking at the solutions provided I would almost every time be amazed how those solutions are simple and elegant. Therefore, what I found that requires the most of me is setting the mind into a new coding style. Great help was the Cookbook hosted at Chisel home repository and I believe that advancements on that line would, help new users a lot when first discovering Chisel.

I would like to express gratitude to all the people creating these beautiful projects, starting from RISCV ISA, over Chisel, Rocket, LowRISC all the way to Sodor and all the contributors of this Learning Journey, especially Sean and codelec.

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