Current State of Sodor

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Sodor has two main branches, that are kept in sync:

  • master branch contains the simplest code
  • comments-dev branch mirrors master, and adds verbose comments to the code.

Sodor also has advanced branches:

  • tilelink2_fpga compatible with the latest tilelink api from freechipsproject/rocket-chip and runs on both PYNQ-Z1 and Arty

Branches with -dev appended to them are in development and may not have its flagship feature working

Note: On switching from one branch to another please use git submodule update --recursive


Apart from the above main repository changes have also been to made to the following forked repositories to get support for not supported features:

Current Feature Set

  • priv1.10
  • chisel3
  • debug spec v0.13
  • Tilelink integration (code reuse from rocket)
  • Port to FPGA
  • Microarchitecture diagrams
  • Communicate between sodor on pynq-z1 and fesvr(x86) using xsdb
  • Pass isa and bmarks on both pynq-z1 and arty(with uncertainty in pass rates only in arty)

Future Work / To-Do

Feature Pipeline

random thoughts on things to make 1-stage code more accessible

brainstorming on progression in difficulty of sodor code

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