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List of Chisel and Scala Documentation

This page is not meant to be a tutorial, but rather a reference page, with a comprehensive list of all known documentation for Chisel and Rocket Chip code, as well as selected reference on Scala.

If you are having difficulties in comprehending code snippets, it might be due to Scala syntax, it may help to revisit the Prerequisites section, where Scala is introduced.

Chisel Syntax

The following two documents would give some introduction about Chisel and it's usage. It is better to follow the Learning Journey, rather than reading these documents. They are meant to just introduce you to Chisel and answer some of the early question you might have, and to use these as reference documents.

  1. Chisel 2012 DAC Paper Just spend 20 to 30 minutes on this. Skim it. This gives you a preview of advanced concepts that Chisel has to offer. Don't try to understand any of the code. It is all too advanced for right now. We bring this paper back in the advanced examples, after you've completed the hands on.
  2. Chisel Manual This document represents the most-up-to-date formal document on Chisel internals.
  3. Chisel Repository Home of Chisel3, but also a great resource, as the Wiki of this repository is also a User Guide to Chisel
  4. Chisel3 Cheat-Sheet Just spend 10 to 20 minutes on this, just to see what's there. You may use this while doing the hands on problems.
  5. Chisel3 Testing Cheat-Sheet Another extremely short and equally useful document. Again, just check what's there, use it once you actually start coding.
  6. Chisel3 vs Chisel2 Once you get into more depth, this will also become an important issue. For now, while still just starting, skip this.

While the updates of this page are encouraged, please try not to repeat the content already provided by the above links.

Further Readings

The following list is in development and you are invited to provide feedback on its items, but also feel free to propose other learning materials and sources of real-world Chisel code examples.

  1. 1st RISC-V Workshop Proceedings A collection of videos and presentations on all topics starting from RISCV ISA, over Chisel all the way to the Rocket chip.
  2. Generator Bootcamp A collection of interactive notebooks.
  3. Advanced Parameterization Manual Parameterization is one of the great features of Chisel, but a fairly advanced topic. This document represents a manual for using the advanced parameter library within Chisel.
  4. chisel3 package API The ScalaDoc for Chisel3, available at the API tab on the Chisel web site.
  5. Rocket Chip Home of the first processor to be fully written in Chisel.
  6. LowRISC A Rocket Chip fork more inclined towards FPGA.
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