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I have finished the Chisel Learning Journey and in addition to that, I have also went through several other Chisel tutorials. The Chisel Learning Journey is a very good website that definitely helps learning Chisel, but I have few suggestions for improvement:

  • the training jumps straight to Chisel language with practical code examples but not so much theoretical explanation behind the code and the syntax. I propose to add more pages about Chisel language (especially the syntax) before going to examples. But this may be a bit subjective - depends on type of person that is learning, someone prefers complete explanation of language and its constructs before jumping directly to working with the code. I believe that this could be easily solved by just changing the structure of the pages in such a way that the page Setting-up-Chisel points to Documentation as the next page, not Chisel-Introductory-Examples. I would also change the Documentation page to include other tutorials that are more theoretically oriented and I would add a pointer to the next page, which would be the Chisel-Introductory-Examples. In other words, I recommend to place the Chisel theory between Sitting-up-Chisel page and Chisel-Introductory-Examples. Thanks to this, the people that will work with the examples will already have some theoretical background about the Chisel.
  • the examples for working with Chisel are really good, but unfortunately they are incomplete. I am talking about pages Examples-Line-by-Line and Tutorial-Home. These two pages are also quite confusing because they are describing the same content more or less and each page is accessed from different places. The Examples-Line-by-Line is accessed from Comparison-to-Verilog page, while the Tutorial-Home is being accessed from Chisel-Introductory-Examples. My proposal is to combine these pages together into one practical tutorial.
  • the example code is mostly written in Chisel 2. We will have to update the pages to contain Chisel 3.
  • I recommend to add and highlight these two pages somewhere in the beginning of Chisel Learning Journey (e.g. Documentation page) because I find them really good and useful:
  • as long as the Chisel 2 is still relevant for us, I suggest to add a new page called Chisel 2 vs 3 or Migrating Chisel 2 to Chisel 3 and link it to

In overall, the Chisel Learning Journey is very good and my points above are just to improve it so that it will be even better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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