Suggestions for improvement to Chisel Learning Journey

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Please feel free to edit this page, to add suggestions for improving the Chisel Learning Journey.

Share Your Experiences

For example, sharing your experiences is helpful, it points us in the direction to add useful additional content. Kindly do that by visiting the User Experiences page, where you can write down your personal experiences and subjective points of view by creating and editing a new page, as explained there. We will go through and improve the wiki based on those experiences.

Weekly Meeting about Improving This Wiki

There is a weekly Hangout meeting to discuss this Wiki and improvements to it. It happens on Saturday at 9:30 AM PST and to take part, please click here

StackOverflow for help

Another resource is stackoverflow. The idea there is to post the question, add "chisel" and "riscv" tags, and the post a link to the question on here. This keeps it all organized, and it expands the number of people available to answer questions.

Add Your Suggestions Here

Mentorship Program

A mentorship program (or pair programming) will help with low level details. Basic skills such as navigating IntelliJ, understanding sbt, github, quickly writing unit tests to viewing waves, etc. aren't being sufficiently emphasized.

Big picture and Mechanics

Need things like how to use the repository, what is SBT, how to create a new test harness, how to view waveforms, and quick, simple, way to get environment generated within which to do the hands-on

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