Trait, Sealed, and Multiple Inheritance

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In Scala, multiple inheritance is implemented using traits, which are similar to abstract classes, except for:

  1. a class can inherit from multiple traits,
  2. a trait can not have constructor parameters.

To inherit multiple traits, the following arrangement is used:

class MyClass extends HasTrait1 with HasTrait2 with ...

A sealed trait can be extended only in the same file as its declaration.


From RocketTiles.scala lines 26-28

class RocketTile(val rocketParams: RocketTileParams, val hartid: Int)(implicit p: Parameters) extends BaseTile(rocketParams)(p)
    with HasLazyRoCC  // implies CanHaveSharedFPU with CanHavePTW with HasHellaCache
    with CanHaveScratchpad { // implies CanHavePTW with HasHellaCache with HasICacheFrontend

From Resources.scala line 9:

sealed trait ResourceValue

Many more examples are given in Mixins

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