list of recommended problems

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Chisel Hands-on

This page is intended to give you hands on examples of writing chisel, generating a simulator to see it run in the VM, and so forth. First get hello world working -- it walks you through the steps of cloning this repository, setting up the tools, and running your first chisel code.

Recommended Chisel Problems

Once that's done, the following set of problems from that tutorial have been selected to walk you through increasingly difficult tasks in Chisel. The problems start off easy and increase in difficulty as you progress. Also, the problems cover almost all the important aspects of digital design (combinational logic, sequential logic, FSMs, etc.).

List of problems

The repository includes a number of hands on problems (shortcut to them) From those, do these seven: If you get stuck while solving them, answers to the other problems have been included, so you have working examples to borrow code from.

  • Adder
  • Counter
  • Accumulator
  • Vector Shift Register (vectors of elements)
  • Dynamic Memory Search
  • Vending Machine (FSMs)
  • Memo (using memory elements)
  • Mul (lookup table)
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