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The above image shows the data/control flow that applies to emulator binaries that are built from directories emulator/rv32_1stage emulator/rv32_2stage emulator/rv32_3stage emulator/rv32_5stage emulator/rv32_ucode of all branches

In all the configurations, the binaries are loaded into the processor's memory using the following sequence

  • Configure system bus control and status (sbcs) register to set AUTOINCREMENT i.e. increment the address in sbaddress register on every access of sbdata0
  • Write the address where the binary is to be loaded into sbaddress
  • Write data i.e. binary in 32-bit chunks to the sbdata0

After the binary is loaded, a write to 0x44(NON-STANDARD) is performed to pull sodor out of reset. 0x48(NON-STANDARD) is used to put sodor into reset. These are the only two non-standard address used from DMI address space in the current implementation of debug module in sodor.

For more details on debug standard LINK

DMI - Debug Module Interface

DTM - Debug Transport Module

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