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Build Solr queries with ease
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Build Solr queries with ease

SolrQueryComponent helps building Solr/Lucene/ElasticSearch queries with a query builder API. It is independent of the concrete client library and can be used with e.g. PECL Solr or Solarium.


Build name:"John Doe"^100

use InterNations\Component\Solr\Expression\ExpressionBuilder;

$eb = new ExpressionBuilder();
echo $eb->field('name', $eb->boost($eb->eq('John Doe'), 100));

And the same with the query string object:

use InterNations\Component\Solr\Query\QueryString;

echo (new QueryString('name:<name>^<boost>'))
    ->setPlaceholder('name', 'John Doe')
    ->setPlaceholder('boost', 100);

Learn more on how to use the component in docs/.

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