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Shows DOM elements sequentially.
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Shows DOM-elements sequentially with forward and back buttons and events.


  • Arbitrary DOM-elements can be configured as a series and displayed sequentially
  • Automatic Forward/back-button hiding/display and events for the first and last page
  • Events before and after step switch, for example to set different headings per step or other custom actions
  • Unlimited number of steppers per page
  • Steps can be shared between series and multiple stepper instances
  • Series configuration can optionally be made with CSS-classes alone
  • Show/hide of one or multiple elements per step
  • No encapsulating Container necessary
  • Step switch Animation


  • jQuery


The default is to use elements with class step in the order defined by additional classes stepN. For example step1, step2, et cetera Elements with the class "nextStep" or "prevStep" get the corresponding button-functionality


$(function () {
	var stepper = $('#stepper').stepper()

An example stepper container HTML-structure with a series of steps configured using CSS-classes:



optionName description optionValue
stepConfig To set step containers and order manually {stepNumber: jqueryObject, ...}
animation Animation when changing steps jQuery animation name
animationSpeed Millisecond duration for the animation integer
onStepChange Must return a true value, otherwise the step change is aborted. Example use case: validation. function(from, to, stepper, nextStep)
onAfterStepChange Called after the next step element has been displayed function(from, to, stepper, nextStep)
forwardButton For retrieving the forwardButton by jQuery-selector, jQuery-object or function string, jQuery, function(step)
backButton For retrieving the backButton by jQuery-selector, jQuery-object or function string, jQuery, function(step)
autoHideBackForward If true, hides the back button on the first step and the forward button on the last step. The default is "true" boolean


  • showStep(number, boolean) - if the second argument is a true value, then the onStepChange and onAfterStepChange events are not triggered
  • hideAll()
  • showFirstStepThatContains(selector)
  • nextStep()
  • prevStep()
  • get(number)
  • disableButtonEvents()
  • enableButtonEvents()
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