Fork of the TYPO3 linkhandler Extension with support for TYPO3 6.2 and some enhanced features.
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This is a fork of the linkhandler TYPO3 extension.

TYPO3 7 compatibility

A TYPO3 7 compatible version of this Extension can be found here:

Please add all TYPO3 7 related issues / pull requests there.

About this fork

This is an experimental version of the linkhandler extension that aims to minimize the amount of duplicate code.

Additionally, all legacy code was removed, the goal is to provide a version that is compatible with TYPO3 6.2.

Additional features

This Extension offers some additional features compared to the original version.

Multiple configurations for the same table

It is now possible to create links to the same table within different configurations. E.g. you could link to different content types to different target pages.

For this to work the links now consists of four parts instead of three. The old link block looked like this:


The new link block looks like this:


This feature is backward compatible. If an old link is detected that consists only of three parts the first configuration found for the linked table will be used.

Record filtering

The records that are displayed in the list can be filtered by SQL queries. You can define a search query for each table configured in listTables. This is an example configuration for using the additionalSearchQueries option in the TSConfig:

mod.tx_linkhandler.tx_myext_imagelinks {
	label = Image link
	listTables = tt_content
	additionalSearchQueries {
		tt_content = AND tt_content.CType='image'

Page tree mount points

You can configure mount points for the page tree that is displayed in the element browser.

For example if you only want to diplay the pages where your news records are located (in this example PID 123 and 234) you can use the following Page TSConfig:

mod.tx_linkhandler.tx_news_news.pageTreeMountPoints {
	1 = 123
	2 = 234
RTE.default.tx_linkhandler.tx_news_news.pageTreeMountPoints < mod.tx_linkhandler.tx_news_news.pageTreeMountPoints

Linkvalidator support

This linkhandler version comes with its own linkvalidator link type that supports the new link format with four parameters and provides some additional features that are not merged yet to the core.

To use it you have to adjust your linkvalidator TSConfig:

mod.linkvalidator {
	linktypes = db,external,tx_linkhandler

Please not that you need to use tx_linkhandler instead of linkhandler which is the default link type that comes with the core.

This link type comes with an additional configuration option that allows the reporting of links that point to hidden records:

mod.linkvalidator {
	tx_linkhandler.reportHiddenRecords = 1

For this additional option to work this pending TYPO3 patch is required: (Provide TSConfig to link checkers). There is a TYPO3 6.2 fork that already implements the required patches (and some more) at Github:

Pass on parent typolink configuration

This feature is experimental and might change in the future! Testing and suggestions welcome :)

A config option called overrideParentTypolinkConfiguration is available. When this option is enabled for a tab configuration, the original configuration passed to the typolink() method will be used as the basis for the final typolink configuration that is used in linkhandler. Here is an example:

Imagine you have a typolink like this:

lib.myobj = TEXT
lib.myobj {
	value = Hello World
	typolink.parameter = record:tx_news_news:tx_news_domain_model_news:1
	typolink.no_cache = 1

When you now configure for example the news records like this, the no_cache option from the lib.myobj.typolink block will be passed on to the typolink call used by linkhandler:

plugin.tx_linkhandler.tx_news_news {
	overrideParentTypolinkConfiguration = 1

You can still override this behavior in the linkhandler configuration though because the ```typolink`` block is merged into the parent configuration:

plugin.tx_linkhandler.tx_news_news {
	overrideParentTypolinkConfiguration = 1
	typolink.no_cache = 0

The only value that is always overwritten is the parameter configuration.

Additional goodies

  • When editing a link the correct tab will open automatically.
  • The searchbox below the record list can be disabled by setting enableSearchBox = 0 in the tab configuration in TSConfig.
  • SoftReference handling using signal slots, TYPO3 patch pending:
  • The current link is displayed in a nice label consisting of the localized table label and the linked record title.

Tips & Tricks

Link browser width

You can use TSConfig to increase the with of the link browser windows in the Backend to prevent problem with the styles:

	default {
		buttons {
			link {
				dialogueWindow {
					width = 600

Missing Feature

The last missing feature in this version is the handling of the "Save and show" button.