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About "Add event to a calendar" repository

This repository contains community-driven documents that describe how to add events to different online calendar services that usually don't have an official documentation/specs.

The primary goal of this repository is to consolidate the efforts of developers to debugging/reverse-engineering calendar services to find possible parameters and features that we can use in our products.

Usually, 3rd party services don't provide verbose documentation on how to create calendar events using GET parameters. The main goal is to find available options — reverse-engineering.

Docs for Services

  1. Google calendar
  2. Yahoo calendar
  3. Outlook Web
  4. AOL

Popular packages


  1. add2cal/add-to-calendar-button An up-to-date ValillaJS script to render "add to calendar" buttons from simple JSON.
  2. carlsednaoui/add-to-calendar-buttons A simple ValillaJS library to add an "add to calendar" buttons for events.
  3. jojoee/add2calendar A simple ValillaJS library that allows you to add event to calendar easier
  4. AnandChowdhary/calendar-link NPM package for generating calendar links for both Node.js and browsers
  5. AnandChowdhary/add-to-calendar A library that allows you to send invites to calendar events easier
  6. jshor/datebook An npm module that generates downloadable iCalendar files and URLs for adding events to popular calendar apps.


  1. spatie/calendar-links A package to create "Add event to calendar" links


  1. jaredlt/add_to_calendar A ruby gem to generate 'Add To Calendar' URLs for Apple, Google, Office 365, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars

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Materials & Links

  1. Online calendar link generator
  2. How to Create an “Add to Calendar” Link for Your Emails